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I admit I’m in love with my horses. (my husband too of course!)











Scott my husband is a fanatic with cameras and is venturing into photography big time.

Dorr Farm










I, however love to photograph my horses, dogs, chickens, etc… Mind you we don’t have any human “kids”

Until next time…Appy Trails! Smile

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My mare Feather is due to foal any day now. I’m frantic but with the help from my barn cam friends http://www.marewatchers.com/cam/spottedfeather.htm I’m able to get some sleep at night!

So it’s Saturday morning May 7th and still no midnight calls from the Mare Watchers Feather was due at the end of April but since she’s a first time mama we didn’t know what to expect. I’m up early, made my coffee and now it’s time to feed. I kick Feather out of her stall so I can clean it. It’s 6:30am now. Oh I’ll let her out into her paddock for awhile. I can get my coffee and Facebook fix. It’s kind of a rainy day but the view from my kitchen window is a direct view to her lot.

It’s now 7:45am. Feather looks good. Casually walking around her paddock. Oh I forgot to mention she has finally waxed up this morning. Could be today or tomorrow for a foaling.

It’s now 8:00am. Hmmm looks like Feather is resting now. Laying down but she’s done that allot lately. I have the scenario all planned out. Got my video camera on it’s tri pod in the barn. My digital camera along with it. My husband it going to take pictures while the video cam is filming at the perfect angle.

But wait did she just look at her belly? I’d better go check on her so I can get back to my coffee and Facebook.

Oh she see’s her mommy coming down to see her so she stands up to welcome me. What the???? Under her tail I see two baby feet wiggling!!!! OMG! This isn’t suppsed to happen now! My husband is at work, I’m here alone, the web cam is off!!

Ok gather yourself Lisa… climb through the fence and lead her calmly into her stall. Check. Close the door. Check! Run like hell back to the house. Check!! Grab my phone, turn on the barn cam, run like hell back down to the barn. Check, check, check!!!!!


Here we go!! This is the only shot I was able to get until little Sora entered the world.


Long story short… I was able to text my friends that wanted an alert and with my friend Betsy on speaker phone (watching my barn cam) I helped tired (and I’m sure a little confused Feather) bring Sora into the world.
2011-05-07 10.40.47










      2 hrs later. It’s all good! Hubby came home and started taking pictures like a mad man. I’m going in and take a nap!!!

2 hrs later!









While Sora realized she now has room to stretch her legs! Yeehaa! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time…Appy trails everyone!!

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This is our newest boy “Gunner” We adopted him July 2011. He’s 4 but still is very much a puppy. Always going into the play stance!

DSC_3359Gunner, Emma and Whinny.

Emma4Emma being a poster child for rescue dogs. Red heart

Pine coneUghh! She loves pine cones! Not easy to clean up when she sneaks them into the house!

IMG_2859Whinny decided to help mama clean out the fire pit!

WhinnybathAfter Whinny helped clean out the fire pit!

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