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Yesterday was a beautiful day for a ride.

Scott wanted to go for a hike with his weighted backpack on. He’s trying to get in shape for a hunting trip later this year.

So I followed.



Sora did pretty darn good following along. I was expecting a little yippee yeehaa from her as we started, but I was gladly wrong. Sora’s only 10 months old. I wonder how tall she’ll get?


We went through the fields surrounding us.


And across a road! Sora’s first time!


Of course Scott had to try and get scenic views.

He was running around while we tried to “work” the camera. Smile



Inside joke?


On our way home.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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It’s March 12th right now and I decided to write a blog to post on March 14th.

I think I’m going to post it now…

March 14th is my birthday, it’s my dad’s birthday, too.

But 2 yrs. ago on March 14th my baby sister lost her battle to cancer.

From thinking she may have had a slight stroke went spiraling down into finding out it was brain cancer.

Amy grew up with disabilities stemming from Neurofibromatosis. She was on medications for epilepsy and migraines there was also hydrocephalus and blindness (benign tumors on her optic nerves).

Above it all, Amy was always such a cheerful person. Always remembering birthdays, trying to play jokes, adding to her funky pen collection, taking herself to the mall on the bus and ALWAYS on her cell phone. Smile

Our whole family received calls from Amy. Sometimes 10 or more a day.

Sometimes it was just to say “Hey Lisa I saw a pretty bird in the feeder” or “Lisa, Millie (her Scottish Terrier) is barking at a dog food commercial, it’s so funny!”

The ringtone I had for her was Tweety Bird saying “Now how you spose I got my wittow self in such a pwedicoment?”

I still have her number and ringtone in my phone.

I still want it to ring and I want to hear Tweety…


I always drove my mother and Amy to her Dr. appointments in Madison. I had the job flexibility to be able to do it.

It was a tradition to go to the Red Lobster (Amy’s request) after each visit and a couple times we went to the zoo.



But I have regrets:

  • Some days being too busy to take Amy to McDonalds or the mall, when I stopped over for a quick visit.
  • Getting irritated when my phone rang for the 7th time at work.

…I don’t know why I’m writing this blog…

…I can’t see the screen very well right now…

Can someone please find a way to turn back time?

3 weeks and 2 days after finding out Amy had cancer…we lost her…we were all there around her bed…

Jan. 31, 1973 – March 14, 2010

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I found a great sale on personalized halters, online. So I just couldn’t wait to get Sora’s.

She’s only 10 months old but she’ll grow into the adult halter eventually.

I adjusted it so it was as small as it would go and told everyone to stand still for the pictures I wanted to take.

Except for Feather, it didn’t go too bad…



Ok, I see you, now “whoa”!




So I ended up turning and making a run for the other side of the lot…

Great now Sora is in on the game. Whoa…













DSC_2071Oh come on! I’m running out of breath! She can sneak up on a person pretty quick in this snow! Smile with tongue out


Finally! I’m going to stop now. My hands are freezing and I’m pooped.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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I was forwarded this video from a friend. I thought it was so beautiful and the music was wonderful.

One of these years I’ll get out there for some sight seeing.


Until next time…Appy Trails   Smile

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