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I’m going to be a rebel and start with the color green for this blog.


After 6 weeks of no rain and scorching 100+ degree temperatures…


We are finally getting some rain. I’m so happy for green right now.

There I got my “green” out of my system.

…for this blog, anyway…

…I love the fact that I can now walk barefoot in the grass and not say “ouch, ouch, ouch” while I’m doing it…

…and I actually saw a neighbor mowing his lawn for the first time since the end of May…

Okay, now for my purple…


Throughout the drought I tried to keep my flowers and garden watered. I walked around the house and into our ditch to snap some photos.

Speaking of gardens…

…my cucumbers are sure strange this year…


Say hello to my little friend…


I think I’ll call him, Benny. Benny the bird.

(I’m in a strange mood today)

Anyway I must remember this is the weekly photo challenge and it’s about purple.

There are lots of variations to the color purple…

Dare I say there could be “50 shades” of purple?

Tee Hee!

Until next time…Appy Trails. Winking smile

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