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So I was sitting outside tonight, minding my own business.

When I glanced up into our pine tree and thought, well what is that hanging there?


It’s moving…

I realized we had various stages of Cicadas hatching or whatever you want to call it.

So I went and got my camera, found an old wooden side table / step thing we have by the bar-b-que and started shooting.




Oh look this guys is still squirming his way out.

I think I’ll watch him for awhile.

I’m taking shots at different angles, trying to see what’s in focus and what’s not.


Suddenly “George” starts wriggling really fast and his little legs are flailing all around. (yes I named him George)

Well what is going on with this guy?


Oh! He has a free loader on his back!


Come on dude find your own spot! This is a huge tree!


George is asking me for assistance.

Yea, not going to happen, George…

That was the last shot I got of George.

In the tree anyway…

I was looking at the last picture I took to see if I had it focused ok and when I looked back up, George was gone.

Wait a minute they have to let their wings unfold and dry out before they fly the coop…

Where did he go?

Oh hell!!

I look down and George is clinging to my shorts!!!

He’s clinging to my shorts!!!!!!

In a flash I’m jumping off my rickety step and now my arms and legs a flailing! Oh there was some screaming as well!

Finally after about 1/2 an hr. I got him off me.

(okay maybe it was more like 5 seconds)


He landed in the grass.

…and I’m pretty much done for the night.

George will be fine I’m sure.


Well, maybe not…

To be continued?

Nope, I’m going to bed.

Night all!

Until next time…Appy Trails. Smile

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