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5 years ago, my husband and a fellow worker had to go to Italy for work.

He was there a week (that rat bastard) and was able to do lots of sightseeing.


I couldn’t get the time off to go so I told him he had to do some shopping for me.

Lots of shops and vendors. He came home with a nice Italian purse, which I adored!

I don’t have any pictures of the purse because apparently Italian leather hanging on the kitchen chair, is pretty tasty to a dog.

Shhhh…Scott still doesn’t know. He doesn’t take interest in what purse I’m wearing. THANK GOD!!

On a funnier note…as Scott and his male co worker were walking through the streets one day, a vendor tried to sell them matching lovers bracelets. Bwa ha ha ha!!!

…he didn’t come home with any bracelets. Surprised smile

Until next time…Appy trails. Smile

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What does a girl like me do on a beautiful fall day?

I do whatever the critters want…

Who needs expensive toys when you have corn fields and stuff around the farm?


When you’re running at the speed of light, it helps to stick out your tongue.


This is a great photo if you don’t mind the fresh “I just rolled in something but, maybe my ear will hide it” look.


Got one shot of Emma as she sat down for 1/100th of a second.


My road to a sane, take me anywhere, horse…

Let’s recycle.



Sora wanted to mow the lawn and walked over.

The wind was blowing. That’s my baby, just keep munching away. Red heart


Oops! Almost forgot the princess!


Until next time…Appy trails Smile

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One of my favorites.

Of course I’m stealing photos from my husbands file, but I think he takes pride in it, when I do.

DSC_1162 copy

End of the day. The horses are tucked in for the night, the shovel is put down and enjoying the new dent in the gate.

Apparently it lost a fight to the bucket on the tractor.

Oh well, it adds character doesn’t it?

My silhouette.

Until next time…Appy trails Smile

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Uh oh! Getting behind on my weekly photo challenges!

This is what came to mind for “big”.


My big sky in Wisconsin.

Until next time…Appy trails Smile

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I love my “kids” dearly…

…but this one adds a new element to my life daily.


I slept with one eye open during this episode. She was good at ramming that collar into the backs of our legs, too.


I assume she’s only trying to bring attention to herself.

So I figure I’ll help her out.




2011-01-23 13.59.22

Keep it up Whinny.

I think you’ll be a scary spider this year.

Now where did I put that costume?

Until next time…Appy trails Smile

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Until next time…Appy trails Smile

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So I let the dogs out one last time tonight and in a flash they all made a dash for the garden.

I kind of feel sorry for this little creature.



He’s doing a great job at playing “possum”.

I think the dogs will have to cross their legs and hold it for awhile.

Let’s let Mr. Possum waddle away.

Until next time…Appy trails Smile

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This is my life.




Oh yea, every day I wonder why I keep the spare bed clean and made.

Until next time…Appy trails. Smile

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In memory of our sweet Sissy. 1995 – 2008

We found cancerous lumps on her neck one day. One month later, she was gone.


One of the first dogs we adopted from rescue.

My husband wasn’t keen to the idea of 2 dogs at one time. So the rescue asked if we could foster her for awhile. Well, 2 days later, she had won Scott’s heart and that was the beginning of a great and loving friendship.


She was part of a pair with our Edward.


Sissy coveted many things. Always funny.

We used to tell people that she new a great trick. Take a dollar out of your wallet/purse and give it to her. Okay? Now the trick is – try and get it back from her. Bwa ha ha ha!


This ball is MINE!


Whoooo do you love?


Who do we miss? Red heart

Who’s heart aches for her daily?


Until next time…Appy trails Red heart

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