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Warm weather will be coming soon…


_DSC1330 copy

Give me the warm sun, the iridescent colored beetles…

_DSC1339 copy

…and the bugs that freak me out…

_DSC1320 copy

…but the trade will be worth it…

_DSC9154 copy

…when the future looks like this.

Until next time…waiting here on a cold, gray day…Appy Trails Smile

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I’ll never get sick of posting photos like this. Winking smile


I’m amazed at how wonderful mares can be when the baby is giving some pretty good udder bumps to open the milk bar! Ouch


Belly (and face) full of warm milk.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Meet Katie


My email to Scott at work 2/21/13: (no subject) Don’t freak out but I have a little Cocker here that Shorewood is taking.

His reply: Why?

To make a long story short, I’m apparently known as the Cocker Queen at the vet clinic I used to work at so they called me about an owner surrender.

I’ve known Katie for quite a while and had even mentioned to the owner a couple times in the past that if they ever needed to find a new home, well then…

Anyway, because of financial difficulties…here we are.


With all the surrender paperwork in order, I brought Katie home. Unfortunately she was an overweight, stinky mess. Both, body wise and ears.


But I love makeovers!

So this was a Thursday night. Scott was going to take her to an event Shorewood was at on Saturday.

We have 3 Cockers already.


Do I want a 4th dog in the house?

By Friday night I felt a tugging in my heart. I’ve know Katie for years, I’d really like to foster her and get her to a healthy weight, get her ears healthy and she just seemed to settle right in and what’s one more dog and she really lights up when Scott walks into the room and I really want to get her groomed properly so she looks like a Cocker and not a Beagle and…


Wasn’t really counting on the destruction from Gunner here though. Uhm…you have my attention now Gunner. Don’t worry Mama loves you the most. (you have to tell them stuff like that ya know)

…ok where was I? Oh yes, well I get home from town Friday night and say to Scott Hey what about us fostering Katie? We know she will go on the rescue site when she’s ready.

He was all for it. Because…


he lights up when Katie enters the room, too.


I come home some days and he has to show me the photos he’s taken of her.



So here we are almost 1 month later. In love with our first foster. How hard is this going to be to give her up when the time comes?

Shorewood Cocker Rescue really does need foster homes and I do feel that they will approve a wonderful family for her.

They approved us, right?

So one day Katie will be on the available dogs page. With some awesome photos of her.


*One used squeaky squirrel included

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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I woke up to the sound of some strange chewing noise the other night. It was about 3 am. (on my birthday, no less!)

Walking in the dark to the source of the noise, I flipped on the kitchen lights.

To my surprise I find our dog Gunner having a midnight snack.

Of my new, I only had them for 2 weeks, Justin Boots!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I love those boots!

He looks at me like can I help you with something?

OMG! I love those boots!

I snatched them away and just wanted to cry.

All I could do is put them safely away and go back to bed.

Getting up later I decided I needed to vent, and made a new album on my Facebook page.


Shameful Gunner wasn’t so sure about posing for the picture. I had a hard time getting him to look at me.

Nice job of customizing Gunner…


So I decided to try and save their honor, just a little bit.

A little trimming, fabric glue and clothespins should help. Right?

What helped were the comments from friends sharing their own stories of chewed up boots and reassuring me that I’ll find humor in this one day…

…so I think I did.


I asked Gunner if he’d like to autograph his custom work and he whole heartedly agreed. (excuse his dyslexia)  Winking smile

I now have a new pair of boots for my birthday. One of a kind in the whole world.

I’m going  to hold my head high and put them on…

…and chuckle.

Note to self…fabric glue + wooden clothespins = not such a good idea when it comes to removing them.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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