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Of course it’s a new year but, my “new” is being newly adopted by a stray cat.

“Lefty” has been hanging around since last spring.


Sharing the barn and food with Monkey and Bobo…


…always dashing away when I approached.

One night, though…

Christmas Eve…


this happened!

Who comes running out from a corner to greet me?

It was a Christmas miracle, I tell ya!

So we have a frost bitten ear but that’s all I knew about this cat. We didn’t have that male cat “stink” in the barn so are we a female or a neutered male?


One trip to the vet later…

it’s a boy! A not stinky intact boy!

Like I said…one trip to the vet later, we have a newly neutered, newly vaccinated and dewormed, newly examined 2-3 yr old boy!

Kind of rough around the edges but, aren’t we all?

Happy New Year, Lefty! Welcome to the family.


Until next time…Appy Trails. Smile

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