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Of course it’s a new year but, my “new” is being newly adopted by a stray cat.

“Lefty” has been hanging around since last spring.


Sharing the barn and food with Monkey and Bobo…


…always dashing away when I approached.

One night, though…

Christmas Eve…


this happened!

Who comes running out from a corner to greet me?

It was a Christmas miracle, I tell ya!

So we have a frost bitten ear but that’s all I knew about this cat. We didn’t have that male cat “stink” in the barn so are we a female or a neutered male?


One trip to the vet later…

it’s a boy! A not stinky intact boy!

Like I said…one trip to the vet later, we have a newly neutered, newly vaccinated and dewormed, newly examined 2-3 yr old boy!

Kind of rough around the edges but, aren’t we all?

Happy New Year, Lefty! Welcome to the family.


Until next time…Appy Trails. Smile

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Container def

Well that’s a good definition but containers can be much more than this.


Containers to protect precious goods.


Newly hatched precious good.

Well, there are 3 but the other 2 were dried off and running…



I found them though.

Of course mama and papa were hard at work…


…trying to confuse me with their broken wing fabrications.


Amazing camouflage!


Ok enough pictures.


I didn’t want to stress them out too much.

I thought I’d give the parents a break.


Yeah, yeah…


I get it…

…your injured…

…broken wing. Blah, blah, blah.

I see ya and I’m leaving.



Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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It’s July in Wisconsin and it’s 56° outside.

I’m feeling grumbly this morning.

I start my coffee and put my jacket on before I head out to do my chores.

As I exit my door, I’m greeted with soft nickers and a bray.

I close the main gate behind me and, I stop…

DSC_5084w copy

…and in the morning sun, I see a glitter.

I glance out at the pasture and in between the patches of shade, I’m overwhelmed.

So…I return through the gate (followed by soft nickers and a bray) and run for the camera.

DSC_5107w copy

The morning dew is shining like diamonds.

DSC_5110w copy

A soft breeze is gently moving the glitter.

I am in awe.

DSC_5104w copy

DSC_5096-1w copy

I am in awe…


I’m having my coffee on the deck this morning.

After I finished my morning feedings, that is.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Each summer I look forward to the birds.








But I love my barn swallows.

I don’t care about the little piles of poo.

There’s just something about their little beauty, twittering and chirping that warms my heart.

When I see those little baby heads peering over the edge of the nest, I run for the camera!


We have about 5 nests throughout the horse shed and big barn.


I spy between 2 and 5 chicks squeezed into the various nests.


Of course the watchful eyes of the parents, too.


Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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I gotta tell ya…

One of my favorite things, is to watch the horses run and play in the pastures.

I open the gates everyday for their grazing enjoyment.

Yesterday I decided to grab my camera, for some action shots.

You know, you can never have enough of those stored on your computer.

So here we go!



Even fat, little Tater Tot got into the race.






Everyone seemed to be doing their own figure 8 patterns, almost playing chicken with each other.


Farting and squealing…


Squealing and farting…


Just such a feeling of beauty,





…and comic relief.


Don’t sell him short (yes pun intended) those little legs were a blur.

Atta boy Tater!

I see Kentucky Derby in his future.

Don’t you?

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Just going about my business, doing chores one night.

When all of a sudden I was getting scolded by this mad little mama.


The pile of old shavings behind her contains one little egg.


Not the sharpest photo but she made sure she was between me and her nest.

That is, until she faked an injury which caused me to follow her.

Well played little mama, well played.


Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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It’s 7:40 pm in Wisconsin and the sun was in a perfect spot. After a horrific arctic winter I’m so happy to see buds on our trees.

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There have been changes in my herd.

I get it…

It’s life.

But, I don’t have to like it.

March of 2013 we lost our beloved gelding Gus.


April 2014, my dear little donkey, Tilly.


Both were in their 30’s and I feel blessed that they lived so long.

But what do I do with myself now?

Caring for geriatric animals is part of my daily routine.

My husband even put a divider in my grain bin. One side for maintenance feed and one side for senior feed. He built me a side table to set the supplements on, too.

We’ve added gates and fencing to ensure peaceful eating times for the seniors and I’ve taken my round pen apart to make another stall in the main barn.

To me, making sure the old ones were warm, dry and had a full belly, made me feel content.

Tilly was “rescued” at the age of 21 with her 13th baby in her belly…

Tater Tot 

…and her last baby.

Gus was my old faithful until arthritis turned him into a pasture buddy and babysitter.

Uncle Gus

I miss them. I miss making sure they’re healthy and happy. I miss mixing their meds and supplements, checking their old worn out teeth to make sure they aren’t balling up hay or dropping grain.

I miss brushing them, kissing those gray faces and looking into those big brown eyes.


Why and how is it that they both survived our cold, cold Wisconsin winters but, succumb to failing bodies in spring?

With my fond memories of parades, trail rides, kiddy rides and great escapes, I move on.

Move on to my new daily routine that, for now, consists of not having to close so many gates or mix mash or keep the divider in the grain bin.

With spring, comes changes in life.



Thank you Gus and Tilly Tot, for the memories and the privilege of being part of the last half of your lives.



Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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