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Oh, to be stuck inside.


Until Next Time…Appy Trails Smile

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I’m an advocate for pet adoption. Shelter or rescue? Take your pick.

As far as senior pets go? I hear people comment – Oh I couldn’t do a senior pet.

We’d only have a couple more years with him/her.

How fair is that?

For the senior?


Just, stop it.

I’m feeling frustrated with how the senior pets get passed by. So I’m getting on my soap box. Are you listening?


When I am old and grey,


my step might be slower,


I may not hear as well,


I many not see as well,


I may not feel as well.



My love will be the same,


My devotion will be the same,


My appreciation will be the same.


My heart and soul are grateful,


for all that you have done and do…

When I am old and grey.



By – Bridget of Linked Souls



My heart goes out to all the senior animals.

The ones we love,


And the one’s we’ve lost.

Buddy (RIP)

Did I only have a few years with you?

To do it again…


I would not pause.

You’ll cross that bridge,

Milly (RIP)

I will feel you from above.

I don’t care what species,

Gus (RIP)

You are forever in my heart…

My heart,

Left in pieces.

– Lisa Tucker

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I couldn’t decide what to name this post. “You’ve Come A Long Way Charlie” or “Humans Make Me Sick To My Stomach”

I volunteer for a Cocker Spaniel Rescue – Shorewood Cocker Rescue here in S Wisconsin. Charlie is our 3rd foster. Remember Katie? (we ended up falling in love and added her to our little pack)

Then there was Harvey. He found a home with previous adopters from the rescue. From seeing him recently he is being well fed. (sadly, over fed)

Anywho… back to Charlie…

Charlie showed up as a stray at a shelter this summer. He was then seized by the shelter as a neglect case. (the owner actually came to claim him) He was so badly emaciated and matted he couldn’t be shaved without sedation. He was thought to be around 5 yrs. old by the initial appearance.

We were asked if we could take in another foster.

                                June 2013

I was shown his photo and said we will absolutely take him in.


So on July 22nd we welcomed Charlie to our little farm.

DSC_4096  July 22nd



Keep in mind that when I took these photos, he had already gained weight as he had been getting fed for a month.

Let’s rewind a little here…

Charlie wasn’t neutered (of course). He was micro chipped. However, the owner hadn’t bothered to register it. With a little detective work, one of our lovely volunteers was able to pin down some numbers and found that he had been registered with the AKC with the micro chip info. Now we know he is only 1 yr. 4 mos. old…

So let’s see here…you obliviously intended to breed this dog but, didn’t feel feeding or caring for him was a priority??? Shame on you. Shame on you.

The shelter vet decided to undertake the neutering as he had to be shaved down under sedation, anyway.

So July 22nd, we have Charlie. Thin, thin Charlie. Medicating his skin infections, Charlie. Very much a puppy Charlie.

Not surprisingly, very timid of my husband. But, surprisingly loves a human touch.

You can see it in his eyes.

It’s now almost 2 months later. Imagine having a 10 week old puppy in the body of a year old dog. No housetraining…no training at all.


Tuckered out after a roll in something “fresh” and finding out that pine cones are fun to throw in the air.




Funny what feeding a dog can do…


1237007_10201866184479927_823283600_nBegging from Grandpa.

Funny what loving a dog can do…


2013-08-31 18.25.34

Funny what play time and socialization can do.


All I can say is…


…you’ve come a long way Charlie.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

p.s. I do love a makeover.

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Let’s change that to Adopted Harvey!! Yippeee! Congratulations Arlene and Donald!

Our foster dog Harvey is now available for adoption. He is approximately 8 yrs. old. Black and white parti colored. He can be timid initially but soon warms up and loves his humans. He is a bigger cocker at about 32 pounds and is a sweet dog.

Harvey came to us from an inner city shelter, as a stray. As you can tell, he really needed a good grooming. He was so badly matted that he needed to be shaved down. His skin underneath told the tale. Broken heart


After some patience and praise, we have a new Harvey!


Harvey’s been living the country life with us. He hasn’t shown any interest in the horses or chickens but initially greeted the cats with enthusiasm. Now he just watches them go by.

He’s quite the couch potato and at first we had to convince him that going outside was a fun thing to do.


After a couple weeks…I think he agrees!

2013-05-18 22.26.04

Look who wants to enjoy the fire with us “outside”!


We’re getting some hair regrowth and he’s such a handsome boy.


This is pretty much what Harvey enjoys. He’s a quiet dog that would rather lay by your feet or snuggle on the couch.

Not interest in the ball or fetch. He’d rather watch his foster siblings run around like crazy dogs.


Every now and then we’ll get some action. But this is pretty much when I yell “who’s hungry?”


After a walk around the fields with the rest of the pack.

He is housetrained and will let you know if he has to go out. He is also crate trained but we’ve found that he can be trusted and not crated at all.

He gets along with his foster siblings but does not like to share his chew toys. We feel he’d do best in a quite home with no young children and just enjoy life with his new family. As he was a stray, we feel he will need a secure fenced in yard.


Now how can someone resist this face??

Thanks for looking and if you like to inquire about adopting a Cocker Spaniel, please visit Shorewood Cocker Rescue and their available dogs page.

Located in S Wisconsin.

Until next time…Appy trails Smile

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