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I’ve been on medical rest and restrictions since December and it’s really setting in! No riding and no heavy lifting, among other restrictions. Let’s just say it’s hard to be a woman some days.

So all you men out there, reading this…go buy your wife or girlfriend a nice gift tonight just to say thank you. Thank you for dealing with your womanly parts and I totally don’t mind your mood swings as I realize they are a direct result of “said” parts. No I’m not saying your moody. I uhm…just saying every aspect of you is loved and cherished.  I realize and take notice of all the little things you do around here that make this place run. No I’m not saying you do “little” around here. I uhm….just saying…uhm…

Oh…where was I?

Oh yea about me.

Lets just say mama had a procedure and now mama is now on hormones, and mama has cabin fever because it’s winter but she has to do allot of resting and she’s REALLY getting bored!

DSC_1829Oh sure, I have my little helpers. Who can’t feed themselves or let themselves outside and need to be entertained all day and want me to throw the ball all day and decide to chase the cat on the spur of the moment, just as I’m drifting off into a nap…but the cat starts it.



DSC_1784Although I think they’re kind of bored as well. Don’t let this one fool ya…

DSC_1814Surfing, surfing, surfing…and there really isn’t anything on stupid TV despite all the stupid channels…Hey look that lady just won on Card Sharks! I don’t remember that game show. It looked like it was from the 80’s to me. But the host reminds me of the guy with that skinny microphone from the Nationwide commercials. Those commercials are funny.













Thank God for the internet. Did you know you can put up to 15 photos on a coffee mug now?













I just had to get 2 mugs. For travel and home.

…I need to take a walk.

DSC_1819It’s a gray day again.

DSC_1824And Punxsutawney Phil said he saw his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter.

But wait a minute!!

DSC_1821 This is Wisconsin, not Philadelphia… I’m going to go with Sun Prairie’s Jimmy the groundhog, who didn’t see his shadow. Looks like an early spring is on it’s way to me!

DSC_1836Ok, back in the house now…and what do I see? The Man From Snowy River is on!!

Gotta go!

Until next time…Appy Trails! Smile

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I admit I’m in love with my horses. (my husband too of course!)











Scott my husband is a fanatic with cameras and is venturing into photography big time.

Dorr Farm










I, however love to photograph my horses, dogs, chickens, etc… Mind you we don’t have any human “kids”

Until next time…Appy Trails! Smile

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I am thrilled to be nominated for this award! Still learning the tips and tricks to blogging but having allot of fun at it.

Thank you Aurora at: http://angelslightworldwide.com/ for the nomination!

So according to the rules I have to:

  • Nominate 15 other bloggers.
  • Inform our nominees
  • Share 7 random facts about ourselves
  • Thank those who nominated us
  • Add a picture of the award to our post

Well I’m pretty new at this following stuff but have found some blogs that appeal to me. I don’t have 15 yet but here’s what I’ve got. I nominate:

  1. http://m5son.wordpress.com/about/  Mike’s Look At Life
  2. http://angelslightworldwide.com/  Angels Light World Wide
  3. http://veederranch.com/  Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch
  4. http://blog.photoskill.biz/  Country Style Photography
  5. http://ayearwithhorses.wordpress.com/ A Year With Horses / Project 365
  6. http://spottedhorsechick.wordpress.com/  Colorful Beauty / Spotted Horse Chick’s Web Blog
  7. http://photobotos.com/  PhotoBotos.com

Hmmm, 7 random things about me huh? Let’s see:

  1. I’m a strong advocate for rescue and shelter animals. “Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die” We have been repeat adopters at Shorewood Cocker Rescue
  2. I’d rather “be in the barn” Cleaning stalls and grooming horses feels like therapy to me. There’s nothing like the smell of horse after a long day.
  3. I love ghost hunting shows and YouTube ghost videos.
  4. I’m not much of a cook but my hubby Scott is fantastic! …show off
  5. I understand the whole “deer hunting” thing but can’t make it through Bambi without having a blubbering, embarrassing, crying jag. I mean I have to leave the room and I may not be back! You know the part…when he comes out of hiding and calls “mother, mother?” We all know what happened to her. Get me a box of Kleenex!
  6. I’m fantastic at Karaoke! Well… after a couple drinks and everyone around me is drunk and they’re too nice to tell me I suck, but watch out Christina Aguilera!
  7. I don’t show horses but really wish someone would give me ribbons and trophies just because mine are so pretty. Winking smile

One more… 8. I desperately miss my baby sister, Amy. That will be another post…

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