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Of course it’s a new year but, my “new” is being newly adopted by a stray cat.

“Lefty” has been hanging around since last spring.


Sharing the barn and food with Monkey and Bobo…


…always dashing away when I approached.

One night, though…

Christmas Eve…


this happened!

Who comes running out from a corner to greet me?

It was a Christmas miracle, I tell ya!

So we have a frost bitten ear but that’s all I knew about this cat. We didn’t have that male cat “stink” in the barn so are we a female or a neutered male?


One trip to the vet later…

it’s a boy! A not stinky intact boy!

Like I said…one trip to the vet later, we have a newly neutered, newly vaccinated and dewormed, newly examined 2-3 yr old boy!

Kind of rough around the edges but, aren’t we all?

Happy New Year, Lefty! Welcome to the family.


Until next time…Appy Trails. Smile

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Container def

Well that’s a good definition but containers can be much more than this.


Containers to protect precious goods.


Newly hatched precious good.

Well, there are 3 but the other 2 were dried off and running…



I found them though.

Of course mama and papa were hard at work…


…trying to confuse me with their broken wing fabrications.


Amazing camouflage!


Ok enough pictures.


I didn’t want to stress them out too much.

I thought I’d give the parents a break.


Yeah, yeah…


I get it…

…your injured…

…broken wing. Blah, blah, blah.

I see ya and I’m leaving.



Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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The first thing that came to mind for this challenge was, Scott’s old flip phone.

All of our friends and I were moving onto the newest technology. Data plans, texting, smart phones, etc…

While Scott wanted to be defiant.

“Texting is just a fad” he proudly announced, a few years ago.

He wasn’t about to give up this old relic.


This phone has been dropped, drowned, sat on, drove over and briefly died. All to my excitement!…

…only to spring back to life like a phoenix.

Scott would say, “I don’t need all that technology.” “Your data plans and texting is for the birds”


Of course he had MANY texts on this phone, that he never opened. As a result, I was his secretary when my phone would “ding,” Oh honey you need to call so and so because I got these texts for you…

Well after a promotion at work last year, he proclaims that he is forced to get a smart phone, due to his new supervisor position.

“Well, they are paying for it” he says in his defense…

So, hello iPhone!

Hello apps for weather radar, document scanning, joke of the day, slotmania, photo editing, trivia, etc…


Goodbye land line. Who needs that when you have all this technology at your fingertips?

What’s that text I just got from you?

Oh you just bought a Bluetooth speaker so we can listen to Pandora on the deck, huh?


Oh and that new hunting jacket you ordered from eBay, while you were “roughing” in at deer camp came today.

I love it when I’m right.


Until next time…Appy trails. Smile

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Just going about my business, doing chores one night.

When all of a sudden I was getting scolded by this mad little mama.


The pile of old shavings behind her contains one little egg.


Not the sharpest photo but she made sure she was between me and her nest.

That is, until she faked an injury which caused me to follow her.

Well played little mama, well played.


Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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It’s 7:40 pm in Wisconsin and the sun was in a perfect spot. After a horrific arctic winter I’m so happy to see buds on our trees.

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Oh, to be stuck inside.


Until Next Time…Appy Trails Smile

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Let’s just say these photos depict 3 that were in frame.

If you live on a farm you know that these numbers can change at any moment…



Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Besides the boring ol’ clock on the nightstand, we have a couple other choices for alarm clocks around here.




and this…

Don’t let anyone tell you different. These things go off all day long.


Oh, and having a couple of these around comes in handy.

If you don’t want to enjoy sleeping in, that is.

But some mornings I’m glad,

to get up,


open the blinds,

to see this view…


We are lucky to be surrounded by fields on 3 sides. Our wonderful farmer, neighbor had been out the previous day and night bringing in the soy beans.

I found the foggy morning view, over the empty fields to be breathtaking.

Thank you, Raoul, Tater Tot and Emma for getting me up early enough.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Around here, I find many things inside. I looked through my photos I’ve stored over the years and found some interesting ones!

I’m sometimes surprised, delighted and amused at what I find “inside”.


One of the trees out front.


Something REALLY good inside this toy.


Hmmm, I don’t remember packing Mojo…




Oh come on!


As you can tell, our little Mylee has been fitting inside whatever she can since she was a kitten. The dogs were quite confused with this one.


Last but not least – this was our cat Larry. Our Cockatiel Wilma and him would play like this for hours. It was a strange friendship. They have both since passed but, I betcha they’re still keeping themselves amused.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Yup, I’m stealing another one of my hubby’s photos.

I love the points of view he sees when he out with his camera.

_DSC8036 copy

I’d also love to take some pics of him taking pics. Wonder what passers by think of some guy laying in a field or hanging in a tree?

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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