There have been changes in my herd.

I get it…

It’s life.

But, I don’t have to like it.

March of 2013 we lost our beloved gelding Gus.


April 2014, my dear little donkey, Tilly.


Both were in their 30’s and I feel blessed that they lived so long.

But what do I do with myself now?

Caring for geriatric animals is part of my daily routine.

My husband even put a divider in my grain bin. One side for maintenance feed and one side for senior feed. He built me a side table to set the supplements on, too.

We’ve added gates and fencing to ensure peaceful eating times for the seniors and I’ve taken my round pen apart to make another stall in the main barn.

To me, making sure the old ones were warm, dry and had a full belly, made me feel content.

Tilly was “rescued” at the age of 21 with her 13th baby in her belly…

Tater Tot 

…and her last baby.

Gus was my old faithful until arthritis turned him into a pasture buddy and babysitter.

Uncle Gus

I miss them. I miss making sure they’re healthy and happy. I miss mixing their meds and supplements, checking their old worn out teeth to make sure they aren’t balling up hay or dropping grain.

I miss brushing them, kissing those gray faces and looking into those big brown eyes.


Why and how is it that they both survived our cold, cold Wisconsin winters but, succumb to failing bodies in spring?

With my fond memories of parades, trail rides, kiddy rides and great escapes, I move on.

Move on to my new daily routine that, for now, consists of not having to close so many gates or mix mash or keep the divider in the grain bin.

With spring, comes changes in life.



Thank you Gus and Tilly Tot, for the memories and the privilege of being part of the last half of your lives.



Until next time…Appy Trails Smile



I couldn’t help myself. Tee Hee


Until next time…Appy Trails Smile




Oh, to be stuck inside.


Until Next Time…Appy Trails Smile


Let’s just say these photos depict 3 that were in frame.

If you live on a farm you know that these numbers can change at any moment…



Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

I’m an advocate for pet adoption. Shelter or rescue? Take your pick.

As far as senior pets go? I hear people comment – Oh I couldn’t do a senior pet.

We’d only have a couple more years with him/her.

How fair is that?

For the senior?


Just, stop it.

I’m feeling frustrated with how the senior pets get passed by. So I’m getting on my soap box. Are you listening?


When I am old and grey,


my step might be slower,


I may not hear as well,


I many not see as well,


I may not feel as well.



My love will be the same,


My devotion will be the same,


My appreciation will be the same.


My heart and soul are grateful,


for all that you have done and do…

When I am old and grey.



By – Bridget of Linked Souls



My heart goes out to all the senior animals.

The ones we love,


And the one’s we’ve lost.

Buddy (RIP)

Did I only have a few years with you?

To do it again…


I would not pause.

You’ll cross that bridge,

Milly (RIP)

I will feel you from above.

I don’t care what species,

Gus (RIP)

You are forever in my heart…

My heart,

Left in pieces.

– Lisa Tucker


Well, it wasn’t a huge logging event but, when you’re trying to load up on wood for the winter, it sure feels like it.

My husband and I were cutting out some dead trees in the woods behind us (well I was supervising the cutting down part) and he decided we needed our mare Feather to help out.


So I threw the roping saddle on her and headed down the road.


Dragging logs out of the woods onto the main trail.



There’s something about this mare…I just love.

I always tell people we may not be super great at one thing but, she’s done everything I’ve asked her to do.








Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

I went on the last camping trip of the season this weekend.

The fall colors are just beautiful right now and as we rode along, the one thing I so enjoyed was how the fallen leaves carpeted the trail.

Natures pavement.

There was one particular area, where the Maple trees just seemed to glow.

The cold nights were worth it.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

Besides the boring ol’ clock on the nightstand, we have a couple other choices for alarm clocks around here.




and this…

Don’t let anyone tell you different. These things go off all day long.


Oh, and having a couple of these around comes in handy.

If you don’t want to enjoy sleeping in, that is.

But some mornings I’m glad,

to get up,


open the blinds,

to see this view…


We are lucky to be surrounded by fields on 3 sides. Our wonderful farmer, neighbor had been out the previous day and night bringing in the soy beans.

I found the foggy morning view, over the empty fields to be breathtaking.

Thank you, Raoul, Tater Tot and Emma for getting me up early enough.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

I couldn’t decide what to name this post. “You’ve Come A Long Way Charlie” or “Humans Make Me Sick To My Stomach”

I volunteer for a Cocker Spaniel Rescue – Shorewood Cocker Rescue here in S Wisconsin. Charlie is our 3rd foster. Remember Katie? (we ended up falling in love and added her to our little pack)

Then there was Harvey. He found a home with previous adopters from the rescue. From seeing him recently he is being well fed. (sadly, over fed)

Anywho… back to Charlie…

Charlie showed up as a stray at a shelter this summer. He was then seized by the shelter as a neglect case. (the owner actually came to claim him) He was so badly emaciated and matted he couldn’t be shaved without sedation. He was thought to be around 5 yrs. old by the initial appearance.

We were asked if we could take in another foster.

                                June 2013

I was shown his photo and said we will absolutely take him in.


So on July 22nd we welcomed Charlie to our little farm.

DSC_4096  July 22nd



Keep in mind that when I took these photos, he had already gained weight as he had been getting fed for a month.

Let’s rewind a little here…

Charlie wasn’t neutered (of course). He was micro chipped. However, the owner hadn’t bothered to register it. With a little detective work, one of our lovely volunteers was able to pin down some numbers and found that he had been registered with the AKC with the micro chip info. Now we know he is only 1 yr. 4 mos. old…

So let’s see here…you obliviously intended to breed this dog but, didn’t feel feeding or caring for him was a priority??? Shame on you. Shame on you.

The shelter vet decided to undertake the neutering as he had to be shaved down under sedation, anyway.

So July 22nd, we have Charlie. Thin, thin Charlie. Medicating his skin infections, Charlie. Very much a puppy Charlie.

Not surprisingly, very timid of my husband. But, surprisingly loves a human touch.

You can see it in his eyes.

It’s now almost 2 months later. Imagine having a 10 week old puppy in the body of a year old dog. No housetraining…no training at all.


Tuckered out after a roll in something “fresh” and finding out that pine cones are fun to throw in the air.




Funny what feeding a dog can do…


1237007_10201866184479927_823283600_nBegging from Grandpa.

Funny what loving a dog can do…


2013-08-31 18.25.34

Funny what play time and socialization can do.


All I can say is…


…you’ve come a long way Charlie.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

p.s. I do love a makeover.

Around here, I find many things inside. I looked through my photos I’ve stored over the years and found some interesting ones!

I’m sometimes surprised, delighted and amused at what I find “inside”.


One of the trees out front.


Something REALLY good inside this toy.


Hmmm, I don’t remember packing Mojo…




Oh come on!


As you can tell, our little Mylee has been fitting inside whatever she can since she was a kitten. The dogs were quite confused with this one.


Last but not least – this was our cat Larry. Our Cockatiel Wilma and him would play like this for hours. It was a strange friendship. They have both since passed but, I betcha they’re still keeping themselves amused.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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