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Hi, my name is Lisa and I have a secret.

In my double life…

when no one is around…

in my living room…

I’m a go-go dancer…

Okay, I guess I do have a small audience of 3 Cocker Spaniels.

Sometimes they have this worried look on their faces…


It’s American Idol’s, Joshua Ledet’s fault that I am a closet go-go dancer now.

When they said he’s going to be singing Runaway by Bruno Mars, I had no idea what to expect.

I had no idea who Bruno Mars was.

Until now…

How fun was that??

So I had to search online for Bruno Mars.

Actually, I have heard some of his songs like: Valerie, Just The Way You Are and Marry You.

I just didn’t know who sang them.

Now I do!

Let’s dance!

Who’s dancing with me?

I see you…Smile

Until next time…Appy Trails

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