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After going through this last year… DSC_2254

…we decided we had to remove another old pine tree in a different part of the yard. I love these big trees but this other one had started to lean menacingly over the house.


I decided I didn’t want the stump removed, so I thought I’d to try something I had found on Facebook. I bought some exterior primer+paints and some clay pot hangers. I put some gardening fabric in the bottom of each pot to keep the dirt from washing out.


I found these at Jim’s Orchid Supplies. Shipping was very fast too!


At first I was just going to fill a big planter and set it on top but my hubby came up with this idea. Using some leftover barn tin, we just wrapped it around and secured it with roofing nails.


Since it’s pretty darn sharp along the edges we used some of that flex wire wrap stuff. It comes slit open along on side so it was super easy to slip on around the top.


So after a little bit of rearranging, here’s what the (almost) finished project looks like. I plan on doing some landscaping along the bottom of the trunk yet. I’ll add that picture later.

I feel so “green”!

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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