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I admit I’m in love with my horses. (my husband too of course!)











Scott my husband is a fanatic with cameras and is venturing into photography big time.

Dorr Farm










I, however love to photograph my horses, dogs, chickens, etc… Mind you we don’t have any human “kids”

Until next time…Appy Trails! Smile

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Scott called from work today and asked me to have Sophia saddled up and ready at 4:50 pm. He wanted to get some silhouettes against the winter sky.

































He also wanted to get some using a “fill flash” technique. These were taken at the same time as the rest.














Well I just had to add this one. Cute little Tilly Tot. Well actually messy little Tilly Tot. She likes it best if you leave the shavings in a big pile in the stalls. She will help spread them out for you. Such a thoughtful donkey.

Until next time…Appy Trails to you.

Smile Lisa

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Of course she decided to foal when I was home alone! It was all good in the end.

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My husband just got another new lens for his camera. This is an ultra wide angle lens. You know the lens they use to take photos of hotel rooms so they look big but when you get there it’s a tiny room? You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, he decided to take pictures of the critters….


This is Sophia. Uhmm…she has a nice personality?

Winking smile




Next is Feather.

It looks like she’s having an allergic reaction!












This is Sora, Feather’s 8 month old moose. Baby! I mean baby!











This is old Gus. He’s a good baby sitter with Sora. From his nose, it looks like he’s quite a drinker!











And finally my little donkey Tilly.

I’ve gotten a few comments on how strange my ass looks…




As you could probably tell, all of our critters are pretty skittish and hard to photograph.




Until next time, appy trails to you.


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DSC_1124-1So Sophia and I followed Scott up the road and into the woods





We just bought a log splitter for the tractor.






Clearing a path.






But most importantly, Sophia and I got in another ride on a beautiful fall day.


SmileAppy Trails to you!

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Award winner



This is a photo my husband took of Sora “Ima Hollywood Costar” when she was about 2 hrs old. Nap attack!

I entered it in a photo contest and she won “Cutest Foal” and a leather weanling size halter!

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