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I couldn’t decide what to name this post. “You’ve Come A Long Way Charlie” or “Humans Make Me Sick To My Stomach”

I volunteer for a Cocker Spaniel Rescue – Shorewood Cocker Rescue here in S Wisconsin. Charlie is our 3rd foster. Remember Katie? (we ended up falling in love and added her to our little pack)

Then there was Harvey. He found a home with previous adopters from the rescue. From seeing him recently he is being well fed. (sadly, over fed)

Anywho… back to Charlie…

Charlie showed up as a stray at a shelter this summer. He was then seized by the shelter as a neglect case. (the owner actually came to claim him) He was so badly emaciated and matted he couldn’t be shaved without sedation. He was thought to be around 5 yrs. old by the initial appearance.

We were asked if we could take in another foster.

                                June 2013

I was shown his photo and said we will absolutely take him in.


So on July 22nd we welcomed Charlie to our little farm.

DSC_4096  July 22nd



Keep in mind that when I took these photos, he had already gained weight as he had been getting fed for a month.

Let’s rewind a little here…

Charlie wasn’t neutered (of course). He was micro chipped. However, the owner hadn’t bothered to register it. With a little detective work, one of our lovely volunteers was able to pin down some numbers and found that he had been registered with the AKC with the micro chip info. Now we know he is only 1 yr. 4 mos. old…

So let’s see here…you obliviously intended to breed this dog but, didn’t feel feeding or caring for him was a priority??? Shame on you. Shame on you.

The shelter vet decided to undertake the neutering as he had to be shaved down under sedation, anyway.

So July 22nd, we have Charlie. Thin, thin Charlie. Medicating his skin infections, Charlie. Very much a puppy Charlie.

Not surprisingly, very timid of my husband. But, surprisingly loves a human touch.

You can see it in his eyes.

It’s now almost 2 months later. Imagine having a 10 week old puppy in the body of a year old dog. No housetraining…no training at all.


Tuckered out after a roll in something “fresh” and finding out that pine cones are fun to throw in the air.




Funny what feeding a dog can do…


1237007_10201866184479927_823283600_nBegging from Grandpa.

Funny what loving a dog can do…


2013-08-31 18.25.34

Funny what play time and socialization can do.


All I can say is…


…you’ve come a long way Charlie.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

p.s. I do love a makeover.

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It takes allot of playing to get Emma (in the background) to actually stop and rest. As for our foster Harvey? He’s done for the night.


A little target practice with my Dad on Memorial Day.



You can never be too ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Meet Katie


My email to Scott at work 2/21/13: (no subject) Don’t freak out but I have a little Cocker here that Shorewood is taking.

His reply: Why?

To make a long story short, I’m apparently known as the Cocker Queen at the vet clinic I used to work at so they called me about an owner surrender.

I’ve known Katie for quite a while and had even mentioned to the owner a couple times in the past that if they ever needed to find a new home, well then…

Anyway, because of financial difficulties…here we are.


With all the surrender paperwork in order, I brought Katie home. Unfortunately she was an overweight, stinky mess. Both, body wise and ears.


But I love makeovers!

So this was a Thursday night. Scott was going to take her to an event Shorewood was at on Saturday.

We have 3 Cockers already.


Do I want a 4th dog in the house?

By Friday night I felt a tugging in my heart. I’ve know Katie for years, I’d really like to foster her and get her to a healthy weight, get her ears healthy and she just seemed to settle right in and what’s one more dog and she really lights up when Scott walks into the room and I really want to get her groomed properly so she looks like a Cocker and not a Beagle and…


Wasn’t really counting on the destruction from Gunner here though. Uhm…you have my attention now Gunner. Don’t worry Mama loves you the most. (you have to tell them stuff like that ya know)

…ok where was I? Oh yes, well I get home from town Friday night and say to Scott Hey what about us fostering Katie? We know she will go on the rescue site when she’s ready.

He was all for it. Because…


he lights up when Katie enters the room, too.


I come home some days and he has to show me the photos he’s taken of her.



So here we are almost 1 month later. In love with our first foster. How hard is this going to be to give her up when the time comes?

Shorewood Cocker Rescue really does need foster homes and I do feel that they will approve a wonderful family for her.

They approved us, right?

So one day Katie will be on the available dogs page. With some awesome photos of her.


*One used squeaky squirrel included

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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I love my “kids” dearly…

…but this one adds a new element to my life daily.


I slept with one eye open during this episode. She was good at ramming that collar into the backs of our legs, too.


I assume she’s only trying to bring attention to herself.

So I figure I’ll help her out.




2011-01-23 13.59.22

Keep it up Whinny.

I think you’ll be a scary spider this year.

Now where did I put that costume?

Until next time…Appy trails Smile

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In memory of our sweet Sissy. 1995 – 2008

We found cancerous lumps on her neck one day. One month later, she was gone.


One of the first dogs we adopted from rescue.

My husband wasn’t keen to the idea of 2 dogs at one time. So the rescue asked if we could foster her for awhile. Well, 2 days later, she had won Scott’s heart and that was the beginning of a great and loving friendship.


She was part of a pair with our Edward.


Sissy coveted many things. Always funny.

We used to tell people that she new a great trick. Take a dollar out of your wallet/purse and give it to her. Okay? Now the trick is – try and get it back from her. Bwa ha ha ha!


This ball is MINE!


Whoooo do you love?


Who do we miss? Red heart

Who’s heart aches for her daily?


Until next time…Appy trails Red heart

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It’s not me.

It’s a 6 yr. old Cocker Spaniel named Whinny.

She has a cataract in her left eye, selective hearing and is allergic to just about everything…

…except tomatoes…


Of course Scott is off on a hunting trip, so he can’t see how naughty his baby is being.

Who am I kidding? He can’t stay mad at his Whinny Poo Poo, schnooky ookums!

Now, who wants a bath?



Apparently we’re playing hide and seek now.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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This is Emma’s tail. It never stops.


This is Emma. She never stops.


Until next time…Appy trails. Smile

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This is our newest boy “Gunner” We adopted him July 2011. He’s 4 but still is very much a puppy. Always going into the play stance!

DSC_3359Gunner, Emma and Whinny.

Emma4Emma being a poster child for rescue dogs. Red heart

Pine coneUghh! She loves pine cones! Not easy to clean up when she sneaks them into the house!

IMG_2859Whinny decided to help mama clean out the fire pit!

WhinnybathAfter Whinny helped clean out the fire pit!

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