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Oh, to be stuck inside.


Until Next Time…Appy Trails Smile

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I recently received notice from WordPress that I now have 500 likes.

So…I decided to set a silly goal for myself.

Can I get 500 more “likes” before the end of the year???

I went through the photos on my laptop.


If I make you smile will you “like” my post???


Photo bomb.


We fostered Katie for about a month but just couldn’t give her up. She’s our little “foster failure”.


Whinny ‘”nose” when the camera is out. Tee Hee


One of my favorites of sweet Emma.


I call this one “stupid dog”


Just thought I’d break up the theme a little. My mother-in-law, Ilene.


Sophia and the sunset.

Friend Paul and his dog Nadia. Nothing like a good laugh with a friend.


…and one more photo bomb for your consideration. Aiden the 8 yr. old “dog whisperer”.

Reblog, reblog, reblog and help me reach my silly goal! Woot Woot!

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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I love taking photos of our “kids” being carefree.

Happy, healthy, feeling their oats and not a care in the world…

…except maybe, which direction did the ball go?








Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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It takes allot of playing to get Emma (in the background) to actually stop and rest. As for our foster Harvey? He’s done for the night.


A little target practice with my Dad on Memorial Day.



You can never be too ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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I found an excuse to put off mowing the lawn.

…for a little while anyway.





The flash went off on this last picture of Whinny. I thought that was strange since it was a nice sunny day (finally!) I’m glad it did or we wouldn’t have been able to see it was a dog. Apparently my camera knows more than I do.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Meet Katie


My email to Scott at work 2/21/13: (no subject) Don’t freak out but I have a little Cocker here that Shorewood is taking.

His reply: Why?

To make a long story short, I’m apparently known as the Cocker Queen at the vet clinic I used to work at so they called me about an owner surrender.

I’ve known Katie for quite a while and had even mentioned to the owner a couple times in the past that if they ever needed to find a new home, well then…

Anyway, because of financial difficulties…here we are.


With all the surrender paperwork in order, I brought Katie home. Unfortunately she was an overweight, stinky mess. Both, body wise and ears.


But I love makeovers!

So this was a Thursday night. Scott was going to take her to an event Shorewood was at on Saturday.

We have 3 Cockers already.


Do I want a 4th dog in the house?

By Friday night I felt a tugging in my heart. I’ve know Katie for years, I’d really like to foster her and get her to a healthy weight, get her ears healthy and she just seemed to settle right in and what’s one more dog and she really lights up when Scott walks into the room and I really want to get her groomed properly so she looks like a Cocker and not a Beagle and…


Wasn’t really counting on the destruction from Gunner here though. Uhm…you have my attention now Gunner. Don’t worry Mama loves you the most. (you have to tell them stuff like that ya know)

…ok where was I? Oh yes, well I get home from town Friday night and say to Scott Hey what about us fostering Katie? We know she will go on the rescue site when she’s ready.

He was all for it. Because…


he lights up when Katie enters the room, too.


I come home some days and he has to show me the photos he’s taken of her.



So here we are almost 1 month later. In love with our first foster. How hard is this going to be to give her up when the time comes?

Shorewood Cocker Rescue really does need foster homes and I do feel that they will approve a wonderful family for her.

They approved us, right?

So one day Katie will be on the available dogs page. With some awesome photos of her.


*One used squeaky squirrel included

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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To start off, I promised Whinny she could dress up as a scary spider this year.


She couldn’t wait for Daddy to see her! (she told me so)

Well I couldn’t leave Emma and Gunner out of the equation…


All 3 of them are getting pretty good at being posed.

But before we finally got a good shot…

I had to deal with Tiger…

Tiger showed up half wild and very skinny, about 5 yrs ago.

Some good groceries, a little “snip, snip” and look at him now.


Tiger is like the nosey neighbor kid that won’t leave.


Wha cha doin? Why?

Is that a camera Mr. Tucker?

Can I use it? I have one too.

My mom says not to come over so much but I told her you like my help.

I like your tractor. Can I sit in it?

What’s on top of that table? I can help.

My mom says I have to ask permission.

What are you making? Why?






He caught sight of the newest chicken and that’s all she wrote…


He started speaking ze language of love…


Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no? Le mew.


Un smelle vous finay.


Do not come wiz me to ze Casbah – we shall make beautiful musicks togezzer right here!

We have dinner soon, no?

So there ya have it.

Appy Halloween everyone!

And until ze next time…Appy trails to you, no? Smile

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This is Emma’s tail. It never stops.


This is Emma. She never stops.


Until next time…Appy trails. Smile

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I’ve been on medical rest and restrictions since December and it’s really setting in! No riding and no heavy lifting, among other restrictions. Let’s just say it’s hard to be a woman some days.

So all you men out there, reading this…go buy your wife or girlfriend a nice gift tonight just to say thank you. Thank you for dealing with your womanly parts and I totally don’t mind your mood swings as I realize they are a direct result of “said” parts. No I’m not saying your moody. I uhm…just saying every aspect of you is loved and cherished.  I realize and take notice of all the little things you do around here that make this place run. No I’m not saying you do “little” around here. I uhm….just saying…uhm…

Oh…where was I?

Oh yea about me.

Lets just say mama had a procedure and now mama is now on hormones, and mama has cabin fever because it’s winter but she has to do allot of resting and she’s REALLY getting bored!

DSC_1829Oh sure, I have my little helpers. Who can’t feed themselves or let themselves outside and need to be entertained all day and want me to throw the ball all day and decide to chase the cat on the spur of the moment, just as I’m drifting off into a nap…but the cat starts it.



DSC_1784Although I think they’re kind of bored as well. Don’t let this one fool ya…

DSC_1814Surfing, surfing, surfing…and there really isn’t anything on stupid TV despite all the stupid channels…Hey look that lady just won on Card Sharks! I don’t remember that game show. It looked like it was from the 80’s to me. But the host reminds me of the guy with that skinny microphone from the Nationwide commercials. Those commercials are funny.













Thank God for the internet. Did you know you can put up to 15 photos on a coffee mug now?













I just had to get 2 mugs. For travel and home.

…I need to take a walk.

DSC_1819It’s a gray day again.

DSC_1824And Punxsutawney Phil said he saw his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter.

But wait a minute!!

DSC_1821 This is Wisconsin, not Philadelphia… I’m going to go with Sun Prairie’s Jimmy the groundhog, who didn’t see his shadow. Looks like an early spring is on it’s way to me!

DSC_1836Ok, back in the house now…and what do I see? The Man From Snowy River is on!!

Gotta go!

Until next time…Appy Trails! Smile

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Well, we’ve been spoiled this winter season in Wisconsin, with some very mild temperatures and even a GREEN Christmas!




















Don’t get me wrong it’s been great!!










We’ve had some boring days, too.










But now we have snow!! Let’s play ball!!!



     I know it’s here somewhere!!   










Uh oh, the ball is in the horse paddock! I don’t think Sophia is going to throw it back Emma.










Do you think Gus will help?

_DSC7897I’m sure baby Sora will play along and throw it back. Smile










Gunner is victorious! Whinny and Emma? Not so much….

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