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It’s July in Wisconsin and it’s 56° outside.

I’m feeling grumbly this morning.

I start my coffee and put my jacket on before I head out to do my chores.

As I exit my door, I’m greeted with soft nickers and a bray.

I close the main gate behind me and, I stop…

DSC_5084w copy

…and in the morning sun, I see a glitter.

I glance out at the pasture and in between the patches of shade, I’m overwhelmed.

So…I return through the gate (followed by soft nickers and a bray) and run for the camera.

DSC_5107w copy

The morning dew is shining like diamonds.

DSC_5110w copy

A soft breeze is gently moving the glitter.

I am in awe.

DSC_5104w copy

DSC_5096-1w copy

I am in awe…


I’m having my coffee on the deck this morning.

After I finished my morning feedings, that is.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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