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I’ll never get sick of posting photos like this. Winking smile


I’m amazed at how wonderful mares can be when the baby is giving some pretty good udder bumps to open the milk bar! Ouch


Belly (and face) full of warm milk.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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A couple weeks ago Scott went into town and picked up his mother.

Took her grocery shopping and then brought her out for the day.

Scott was raised with horses and animals. His dad was a farrier and leather craftsman.

_DSC9009                                                            She was a great sport about all the dogs.

_DSC9053                                                           Gunner just loved her!


_DSC8997   I harnessed up Feather for a drive in my cart.

She’s saying “you know this is my horse”! Smile

Ilene always tells me that I would’ve loved to have met Scott’s dad Bob. (he passed away from cancer years before I met Scott) He loved horses and his job.

_DSC9021  Smiling Ilene. Of course Whinny HAS to be a passenger!

_DSC9027    I handed her the reins. Then asked if she’d ever driven a horse.

I love putting the feather plume on Feather when we drive. You can never have enough bling!

_DSC9036   No? Okay, give them back!


We had lunch then Scott wanted some camera time in the house.

Here we go…






There, we have your attention now.



Now what are you thinking?


Typical  Smile with tongue out


Yes put your teeth back in please.

_DSC8974  She’s such a lovely old lady! Winking smile

But she cheats at cards.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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Yesterday was a beautiful day for a ride.

Scott wanted to go for a hike with his weighted backpack on. He’s trying to get in shape for a hunting trip later this year.

So I followed.



Sora did pretty darn good following along. I was expecting a little yippee yeehaa from her as we started, but I was gladly wrong. Sora’s only 10 months old. I wonder how tall she’ll get?


We went through the fields surrounding us.


And across a road! Sora’s first time!


Of course Scott had to try and get scenic views.

He was running around while we tried to “work” the camera. Smile



Inside joke?


On our way home.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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I wasn’t gone for very long.

All I needed to do is run to the store for some milk and fruit. On my way home I realize my husband is behind me in his car, on his way home from work. So we both get out of our cars and what’s the first thing out of his mouth?

No it wasn’t hi honey, how was your day. It was, is that your horse on the other side of the fence?

Oh don’t be silly!

Sometimes it just looks that way with the angles at the corners and such…

Wait a minute…

I don’t think this has anything to do with angles…


I’m thinking it may have to do with tension!

Apparently the ground is pretty greasy when you want to run and play.

…and who was the horse that ended up on the other side?


Sora!! I’m not sure who started it or what all happened but she was the only one with a mud bath. Well a dried mud mask! About 2 inches thick in some spots and only on her left side.


Nothing a little elbow grease and a shedding comb couldn’t take care of.


Make that allot of elbow grease and about 20 minutes of working through the dried mess.

So I’m thinking she’d been out for quite awhile and I’m a bad mama for not doing a security check before heading down the road.












Sora’s mama, Feather stood and watched the whole time.


While Whinny attempted to knock over the bag of horse treats…





Still, this is my life and I wouldn’t give it up for any amount of money.

Donations are always welcome though. Winking smile

Until next time…Appy Trails.

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My mare Feather is due to foal any day now. I’m frantic but with the help from my barn cam friends http://www.marewatchers.com/cam/spottedfeather.htm I’m able to get some sleep at night!

So it’s Saturday morning May 7th and still no midnight calls from the Mare Watchers Feather was due at the end of April but since she’s a first time mama we didn’t know what to expect. I’m up early, made my coffee and now it’s time to feed. I kick Feather out of her stall so I can clean it. It’s 6:30am now. Oh I’ll let her out into her paddock for awhile. I can get my coffee and Facebook fix. It’s kind of a rainy day but the view from my kitchen window is a direct view to her lot.

It’s now 7:45am. Feather looks good. Casually walking around her paddock. Oh I forgot to mention she has finally waxed up this morning. Could be today or tomorrow for a foaling.

It’s now 8:00am. Hmmm looks like Feather is resting now. Laying down but she’s done that allot lately. I have the scenario all planned out. Got my video camera on it’s tri pod in the barn. My digital camera along with it. My husband it going to take pictures while the video cam is filming at the perfect angle.

But wait did she just look at her belly? I’d better go check on her so I can get back to my coffee and Facebook.

Oh she see’s her mommy coming down to see her so she stands up to welcome me. What the???? Under her tail I see two baby feet wiggling!!!! OMG! This isn’t suppsed to happen now! My husband is at work, I’m here alone, the web cam is off!!

Ok gather yourself Lisa… climb through the fence and lead her calmly into her stall. Check. Close the door. Check! Run like hell back to the house. Check!! Grab my phone, turn on the barn cam, run like hell back down to the barn. Check, check, check!!!!!


Here we go!! This is the only shot I was able to get until little Sora entered the world.


Long story short… I was able to text my friends that wanted an alert and with my friend Betsy on speaker phone (watching my barn cam) I helped tired (and I’m sure a little confused Feather) bring Sora into the world.
2011-05-07 10.40.47










      2 hrs later. It’s all good! Hubby came home and started taking pictures like a mad man. I’m going in and take a nap!!!

2 hrs later!









While Sora realized she now has room to stretch her legs! Yeehaa! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time…Appy trails everyone!!

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