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The first thing that came to mind for this challenge was, Scott’s old flip phone.

All of our friends and I were moving onto the newest technology. Data plans, texting, smart phones, etc…

While Scott wanted to be defiant.

“Texting is just a fad” he proudly announced, a few years ago.

He wasn’t about to give up this old relic.


This phone has been dropped, drowned, sat on, drove over and briefly died. All to my excitement!…

…only to spring back to life like a phoenix.

Scott would say, “I don’t need all that technology.” “Your data plans and texting is for the birds”


Of course he had MANY texts on this phone, that he never opened. As a result, I was his secretary when my phone would “ding,” Oh honey you need to call so and so because I got these texts for you…

Well after a promotion at work last year, he proclaims that he is forced to get a smart phone, due to his new supervisor position.

“Well, they are paying for it” he says in his defense…

So, hello iPhone!

Hello apps for weather radar, document scanning, joke of the day, slotmania, photo editing, trivia, etc…


Goodbye land line. Who needs that when you have all this technology at your fingertips?

What’s that text I just got from you?

Oh you just bought a Bluetooth speaker so we can listen to Pandora on the deck, huh?


Oh and that new hunting jacket you ordered from eBay, while you were “roughing” in at deer camp came today.

I love it when I’m right.


Until next time…Appy trails. Smile

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