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5 years ago, my husband and a fellow worker had to go to Italy for work.

He was there a week (that rat bastard) and was able to do lots of sightseeing.


I couldn’t get the time off to go so I told him he had to do some shopping for me.

Lots of shops and vendors. He came home with a nice Italian purse, which I adored!

I don’t have any pictures of the purse because apparently Italian leather hanging on the kitchen chair, is pretty tasty to a dog.

Shhhh…Scott still doesn’t know. He doesn’t take interest in what purse I’m wearing. THANK GOD!!

On a funnier note…as Scott and his male co worker were walking through the streets one day, a vendor tried to sell them matching lovers bracelets. Bwa ha ha ha!!!

…he didn’t come home with any bracelets. Surprised smile

Until next time…Appy trails. Smile

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