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I woke up to the sound of some strange chewing noise the other night. It was about 3 am. (on my birthday, no less!)

Walking in the dark to the source of the noise, I flipped on the kitchen lights.

To my surprise I find our dog Gunner having a midnight snack.

Of my new, I only had them for 2 weeks, Justin Boots!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I love those boots!

He looks at me like can I help you with something?

OMG! I love those boots!

I snatched them away and just wanted to cry.

All I could do is put them safely away and go back to bed.

Getting up later I decided I needed to vent, and made a new album on my Facebook page.


Shameful Gunner wasn’t so sure about posing for the picture. I had a hard time getting him to look at me.

Nice job of customizing Gunner…


So I decided to try and save their honor, just a little bit.

A little trimming, fabric glue and clothespins should help. Right?

What helped were the comments from friends sharing their own stories of chewed up boots and reassuring me that I’ll find humor in this one day…

…so I think I did.


I asked Gunner if he’d like to autograph his custom work and he whole heartedly agreed. (excuse his dyslexia)  Winking smile

I now have a new pair of boots for my birthday. One of a kind in the whole world.

I’m going  to hold my head high and put them on…

…and chuckle.

Note to self…fabric glue + wooden clothespins = not such a good idea when it comes to removing them.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

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