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I was going to post photos of my critters adventures of escape.

But in the light of the horrifying tornado in OK, I decided to post photos and links I’ve lifted off the internet. Sorry if I haven’t given credit to the right people but I’ll try to make sure I do.

All I can think of is the terror these people had to go through to try and escape the path of this tornado.

Prayers to all of those who have lost their homes, family members, livestock and pets. Broken heart

Size and fury of Moor tornado

Pray for OK





Until next time…Red heart Appy Trails and Keep Safe Red heart

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This comes out of my mouth weekly.

Monday at 10 pm I found myself exclaiming it again.


I had posted this on Facebook last night but thought, you know what I want to vent!

Now you have to understand that this cute little ass “Tater Tot” is way to fat and isn’t supposed to be on grass at all, without his grazing muzzle. We went through a painful hoof abscess this year and he now has a new stall in the upper barn at night. I tore apart my round pen just for this bundle of joy!


Tater had to figure out a gate and the barn door to achieve this escape. Bravo Tater!


Apparently I need to wrap a chain around this.


Of course this was lifted off as well.


Let’s not forget he opened a bale of hay on his way out.


This is the door to the hay and grain storage in the horse shed. They are heavy doors to slide open but Tater figured out that he can swing them open on both sides and slide in.

Tater tornado

…and eat chicken feed…and tip over the box of treats…and spread out hay…well basically I have to clean up after a Tater tornado after I kick his butt out.

So I got smart and put more locks on the doors.


One on this side.


…and one on that side.

It works well, too.


Unless I forget one side while I’m cleaning the barn. He’s always watching…

Tater tornado

Then I’m back to this.


Oh and we also had to extend a gate down because he would crawl underneath, tipping wheel barrows as he went.


Here’s the deal…12 years ago I rescued a pregnant donkey named Tilly…

…and promised my husband that I would sell the baby because after all I didn’t want another mouth to feed.



Valentines Day morning 2000, I walk out to this little creature.

No bigger than a lamb…and he was spotted!…and he was born on Valentines Day!


…and he loves his mama.

So I convinced my husband that we needed to keep him.

However, in the past 3 – 4 yrs. I’ve tried a couple times to give him away. Just to make my life a little easier but it’s either not worked out or I didn’t think the interested people would stick to his diet regiment and declined.

So here I am cussing this little ass weekly.

I’ve learned to accept this as a comedic relief to the world we live in.

Some of my typical sayings are:

Are you kidding me?

Are you frickin kidding me?

What the hell?!!

Where the hell is Tater?

Tater get out!

Seriously he crawled underneath?!


I needed to look at this photo again. I think I’ll make it my wallpaper for awhile.

Until next time…Appy Trails Smile

Tater! What the hell?!

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